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2-Day Workshop

Refine your Skills & Routine

The Hobbyist Workshop is the best training to become a professional guide. This course will give you in-person training that enables you to expand on your story, routine and career development.

The 2-day workshop covers everything you need to know to be a expert local guide. You will work with your instructor to discover what makes a great tour and experience. Through group and individual activities you will utilize The Tour Guide Academy’s nine-part system to investigate stories and share your own, enhancing your skills and developing a process to ensure 5-star tours. 

This nine-part system for 5-star tours is one that you can use to continually develop as a tour guide. 

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Free 90 Min Discovery Course

  • 234 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC
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What you’ll learn


Fundamentals of StoryTelling

Great tours require authentic storytelling. Determine the characteristics for a great story and learn valuable tools to make them part of any story. Now guests on your tour will be hooked for the whole journey and remember their experience for years to come.

Group Psychology & Engagement

Interactive learning exercises will build your confidence to deal with every group and individual. This key factor will be the foundation for great guiding, leadership, and upselling. Learn to manage a group’s expectations, and then over deliver!


Travelers are in search of an experience where they can leave their stresses of research, planning and navigation behind to enjoy the time they have on vacation. Learn the qualities of a leader, how to value your time and theirs, and how to set, state, and respect rules that make a tour seamless.

Vocal & Physical Implementation

Professional tour guides maintain the quality of their product like all professions do, through a warm-up routine and practice. Tours will take a toll on your voice and body without these. Learn how to use them most effectively so that they work for you and not against you. 


Successful businesses develop their upselling techniques and offerings to satisfy customer needs and to maximize profits. Learn how by building partnerships, developing your offerings, and having intentional conversations throughout your tour.

Keep it Fresh!

Consider that the stories you choose to tell and the places that you choose to show will need to be told and shown over and over again. By you. It’s your job to keep it fresh, authentic, relevant, and fun for every audience for their and your sanity.


What current Vancouver guides have to say

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