Rediscover your city

Your Way...


90-Min Online Course


Hey Adventurer,

This 90-min course is designed to share professional tour guide secrets so that you can ‘Tour Your Own City’ as a self-guided tour guide.


Whether you’ve just moved, you’re just visiting, or you’ve lived your entire life in said place; we are going to show you how to rediscover it on your own.

Today, there is a massive movement to explore in and around one’s own community, and especially to do so in a self-guided fashion.

We have packaged this course for those of you who would like to be your own guide and seek adventure in your own way!

What You'll Learn

‘Tour Your Own City’ teaches you the best ways to create 2-4 hour adventures, so that you can rediscover your own city with family and friends. It includes great tips for supporting local and following your own feet. It’s your tour after all!