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The Freelancer Certification Course is the ultimate training to be your own boss and scale your business. This course will give you the tools to assess the market for your product, understand how to engage the market, and give you hands-on experience with creating, executing and developing your own tours. 

The 8-day intensive course covers all aspects of running a tour and experience business from creating the experience, finding the customers, developing the stories, telling the stories, up-selling, understanding customer reviews and scaling your business.

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What you’ll learn


Industry Insights

Analyze specific trends in the Tourism industry and learn how the market is performing and growing. Learn about the competition and how you can align your entrepreneurial path with or around them.

Product Development

A major sector of this course surrounds an interactive team project. We learn best by doing and this course focuses on the practical. Go through all the steps it takes to bring a product to market and deal with the real-life road bumps that occur.

Fundamentals of StoryTelling

Great tours are made of authentic storytelling. Determine the characteristics of a great story and learn valuable tools on how to make them a part of any story so that guests on your tour will be hooked for the whole journey and talking about it for years to come.

Life as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s live life. That’s what most people believe, the reality is much different. Leaving work at the office isn’t as easy as you would think. Learn healthy and helpful habits that will affect your mind, body, and soul in the long term.

Marketing your Product

The bottom line of this business and any business is Sales. Getting Sales is a priority. The best product doesn’t always get the best sales. Customers have options, become a Pro, and close.

The People Business

This is the people industry and keeping them happy is a number 1 priority. Your instructors toured over 8,000 guests last year alone and have over 40 years of experience in customer service.


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