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The market is always changing and today, even in 2020, you can earn a living, make friends and develop a career doing the things that you love. Join this 90 min course to discover just how easy it is to take advantage of this land of opportunity that technology, access to global energy and the ease of travel have brought to the market.

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What you'll learn

An Introduction to The Industry

Get an overview of the tourism industry and learn about specific trends to forecast where the industry is heading.

Who is in The Business

Learn about how the tourism industry has changed over the years. Find out how some of the industry leaders have adapted to this change and analyse their products and offerings to understand their success and failures.

Where The Opportunities Are

Learn about the current gaps in the market and discover how you can take advantage of them.

Get Involved

Discover the tools available to you and explore how you can utilize these to provide the earning ability, career and/or side-hustle that you’re looking for.


234 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC

Study in Gastown

Study and play in historic Gastown. At The Tour Guide Academy, you’ll be studying in the heart of the city. Our courses take place in a beautiful Heritage building on Abbott Street. Begin your learning in the area where it all started, with brick walls, natural light, and high ceilings our classrooms are perfect to enhance inspiration and creativity. The smell of history will be on your nose, and the sights of historic landmarks are within sight.

Our instructors are expert entrepreneurs within the tourism industry and excited to share their secrets with you.

Use the space as your own for the duration of your course. We want this to be your home base to help you build your business with resources and expert advice at your fingertips.


Jonathan Yim

Ariel Winkelmeyer

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at our campus at 234 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC

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